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We are very excited to partner with Vaidyagrama to bring the deep cleansing and healing benefits of Panchakarma to our clients. An Ayurvedic healing village nestled within lush vegetation near Madukkarai, an hour outside Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu, Vaidyagrama provides authentic Ayurvedic Panchakarma in an eco-friendly environment, creating a space conducive for healing where clients benefit from a mind and body cleanse.


Surrounded by nature, each unit has four apartments each with a foyer, twin bedrooms, bathroom and outside balcony.
 Apartments can be shared if you are travelling with:
  •  a partner/friend 
  • or sole occupation (single supplement costs apply).


To get the fully benefit of an internal Panchakarma, we recommend a 21-day retreat. Where this is not possible, the minimum stay is of 14 days

Panchakarma is recommended for those:
  • Wanting to maintain good health
  • Looking to manage and stem progression of chronic illness 
  • Suffering from skin conditions as a start to complete recovery.

Tailored Programme

Your Panchakarma starts with an initial consultation with Triveda, we then discuss your case with our doctors at Vaidyagrama and advice you on the ideal duration of your cleanse. 

We will liaise directly with Vaidyagrama regarding your Panchakarma stay. Once at Vaidyagrama, your personal Ayurvedic physician will consult with you and design a healing program to suit your constitution and your current health concerns. 

Both your physician at Vaidyagrama and Triveda monitor and discuss your progress during your stay and continue your treatment post-cleanse at one of our clinics in London. 
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Panchakarma Retreats 

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Bookings and itinerary at Vaidyagrama are done through Triveda.
For full details and prices, please contact us

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